Friday, September 28, 2007

Design Magnetism

I was munching a pack of Lays in office when I was asked to leave for some urgent work. Not knowing what to do with the packet I did something impulsively and left.

On returning I reailsed that what I did was actually a cool application of my memo board which is otherwise very boring and office types.

Since I am working with a company specializing in stainless steel products thus my boring memo board is by default made of steel and is heavy and very cold to touch. So other than the papers nailed to it by magnetic bullets, the packet of chips looked different and interesting.

Soon I found more applications by what we in design terminology call explorations.

Others in office soon took notice and said " Cool !!! Abh ho gaye na tum sahi designer !!! "
I was left wishing if someone took notice.


aparna said...

mondol- food- mondol's love for fiddling around the space he is in- it works!!

Fish Fanatic said...

tell me about it ... I have been assigned the job to design the desktop space divider here :-)

Aur Batao said... me one too....