Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I dont know why it took me such a long time to begin writing this blog. I didn't know much about the concept of blogging till one of my colleagues introduced me to it. So from thereon i plunged into the world of blogging reading the blogs of Rashmi Bansal, Amit Varma and ofcourse my colleague's, of whom i have been a regular reader till date.

So it was with the advent of one of my closest friend's travel diary blog that i thought that i should also join the bandwagon and make my presence felt on the web..... well that not being the main reason, but there are issues i feel for and about which i wanted to talk about......... not with the intention to make people read it or to be another popular blog but just feeling good about expressing myself.

Well, a little bit of introduction about myself - Born and brought up in Calcutta and not Kolkata, I did my schooling in La-Martiniere for Boys followed by my graduation in Fashion Design and Informtion Technology from NIFT, Calcutta and currently a PG student in National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. A diehard Calcutta fan at heart and a even more ardent patroniser of the streetfood of Calcutta, I just cant stop singing praises about Calcutta, though there are
greater mortals in my batch singing day and night about their city being the capital in all possible fields.

Talking about my batch - we are quite a mixed bag of people from all over the country. The eleven of us - from Pune, Bombay, Goa, Yamuna Nagar, Dibrugarh,
Manipal, Chandigarh, Benaras and ofcourse Calcutta are possibly one of the best examples of compatibility. It is in their company that i feel proud to be part of the family where i can totally learn and then unlearn without any form of embarrassment where each one of them is a silent teacher to me.

To my batchmates whom i dearly love..... this is for you..... and hopefully all thats more to come will be a lot inspired from you. Godspeed.

A pic from our visit to Diu last year