Friday, September 28, 2007


I don't really need to give an introduction about the state of traffic in Delhi. Though central and south Delhi may seem little under control, control itself is a missing phenomenon as you spread radially. Bad roads, poor street lighting, horrible traffic planning all add up to long serpentine traffic jams.

Well, this post not a crib-trip on Delhi, but how intelligently someone has used traffic jams to their advantage.

I had noticed this car while on the way to and back from office on NH1 before and thought its a great idea to have an ad scroller tucked behind the the rear seats.

By virtue of unending traffic signals this car manages to get noticed always by the people behind it.

Though I don't like the AD as such but that again is a sad story I leave for another post on my fanatically hibernating blog


aparna said...

i COMPLETELY dislike delhi. i hope i am NOT instigating anyone here!!

Ankan said...

I totally agree with you ya .... people are rude RuDe RUDE !!! but slowly im getting to see a softer side as well...... apecially in Delhi Metro

Aur Batao said...

i hate delhi too.....traffic sucks down south too.....but blore is no better.....its worse....i think...