Friday, October 12, 2007


I have often found it difficult to explain to others what I feel towards fashion ( specially when people say "But you don't look like a fashion designer" meaning you don't look like a wannabe) and the correct role of fashion in one's life. So I came across this article by Sally Singer in VOGUE India (which I have been glued to ever since I laid my hands on it) which according to me, gives the correct perspective about what it is to be in trend.

An excerpt from the article: What does Vogue, used as an adjective, mean? The vogue woman – and she has been around for 100 years—is someone for whom personal style expresses a love of life and a matchless sense of discrimination. (Style, in this sense, is not just about what one wears or carries, but about how one entertains, reads, travels, and, in short, exercises and takes seriously the choices that the world offers up.) She doesn’t buy everything that is on offer each season; she buys the right things; clothes and accessories that update and amplify who she already is and is in the process of becoming. This is not the same as being trendy, because trendiness is not the same as being on trend. Looking merely trendy is, at bottom, a manifestation of insecurity, of allowing oneself to be manipulated by fashion; to be on the trend, by contrast, is to have fun with strong, fleeting currents without ever getting dragged out to sea.


maithilikabre said...

it is such a fabulous issue!...A good amount of thought has gone into making a truely 'indian' magazine and thankfully cliche's of what is 'indian' are given a miss.
Especially the article that you have mentioned puts across the new Indian woman in such an apt perspective!
Truely a very good example of what a magazine can be for any magazine in India today, irrespective of category.

sun!l samuel said...
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sun!l samuel said...

I'm not too sure, that of all the girls/women I know, how many would fall into the "style" category....but then again, I am fashion illiterate myself. However, it was nice reading the lines you have posted. May the girls try and understand it.

amiya said...

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