Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Summer vacation is a time for reading, and my friends come to me to borrow books because I have most than many people. In their innocence, they have no idea what I go through in lending a book.
They don't understand that I think of myself as offering them love, truth, beauty, wisdom, and consolation against death. Nor do they suspect that I feel about lending a book that way most fathers feel about their daughters living with a man out of wedlock
- Something that I read at the Oxford Bookstore.

As I read it, I find so much truth in it.


aparna said...

and i thought for a moment- you wrote it!! nevertheless, good one :)

maithilikabre said...

hehe...yeah even i thought..till it got too intense and i rechecked if it was your blog only!!...hehe..But it definitely brings across soemthing even I feel..:)

maithilikabre said...

Oh..n a nice new look..with such a fantastic header for a just transforms time and space every time I even look at it..In awe completely!

Fish Fanatic said...

Cant agree more !!! Wait till I get to Cal n click it myself !! Cant really write about my feelings when I stand in front of it.