Friday, December 08, 2006

Chettinadi Chennai - The US Visa Exam

Gosh !! I thought that the last exam I gave in my life was the class 12 ISC exam. Little did I know that the greater exams in life are due to come. In Chennai last tuesday, I was amazed to see the queue outside the US consolate office for Visa interviews.

There was everyone around........ kids, teens, youngsters, mid-aged people, old men with sticks and ones on wheel chairs as well. And the extra baggage with them being their family. Youngsters helping the elderly and the elderly praying and blessing the yougsters before the latter go to appear for their interviews.

People waiting to get into a queue

Just leaves me wondering that what is so great about going to the USA when our country is at its peak of development? Seing the huge daily attendance of people to immigrate it makes me wonder as to how much of potential knowledge base we are losing out everyday. Some people differ by saying that its leads to greater foreign exchange monitarily due to NRIs; but we need to decide as to what is more valuable - knowledge and the belief in oneself as a nation or short term monetary gains?

I was under the impression that today the youth is more inclined towards staying in India as this is the right time when we are growing from all quaters - but that impression lasted till I was in Chennai.

Nearly 100m from the US consulate
where people are waiting on the pavemant.


maithilikabre said...

BIg Money, Self Belief, Greater Opportunities, Cynicism, Fantasy, Ignorance, Fascination, Reeverence,etc, etc, all jumble up into the great quest to the land of "greenery"....
Its sad to hear people complain about small ques for smaller things and wouldnt let out a squeak while standing in the Visa que...everything seen through green-tinted glasses, ofcourse!!...
Love, i dunno, but this fascination is definitely blind!!

aparna said...

I have friends who are in the US and have been wanting to go there ever since i have known them..Like maithili says, they just seem to see everything through 'green tinted' glasses!I wonder when they'll see the potential we have as a country,and believe that they are the ones who can make it happen, for it.
Till then, its just the case of US dangling the carrot in front of the INDIAN donkey'! ;)

maithilikabre said...

hehe...i love the way aparna has put it:)

david said...

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