Thursday, October 26, 2006

Failed outings

My take on plans that are made beforehand about going out with friends have a low success rate. Out of my experience one should just make a plan n then ask people " Are you coming or not?".... n then set out even if it is "ekla cholo re".

Pulling through the drab day - I make a plan,
With friends i wanna chillout for a time-span,
So I call them up n fix up a time,
And make myself some tea with lime.

The hands circle a couple of turns and its the time to go,
But alas! nobody turns up to show !!!
Dejected at one more failed outing - I feel so lost,
Finally - I write a post at my dejection's cost.

Ok ... now you know that I can be poetic when in a melancholy state of mind ;-)

Sorry for subjecting you to my rustic poetry but yes I hope we had a little less of failed outings to save me from my fits of melancholy.


maithilikabre said...

i agree to the last minute asking!!!....have learnt it a million times, yet we dare to make plans....
n really dont mind the rustic poetry at all,as much as the melancholy. just hope u r as poetic when ecstatic as well:)

Aparna said...


teamea said...

one way to make Ankan a good poet.. ditch plans at the last minute.. haha
I liked your poem.